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The prevalence of depressive symptoms in the US was more than 3-fold higher during COVID-19 compared with before the COVID-19 pandemic (JAMA Sep 2020).

Due to the high demand for TMS therapy services in Wesley Chapel and the Tampa Bay area, we extended our clinic hours.

Florida TMS Clinic wil...

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Are you searching for a TMS doctor? Mental illness is a serious issue that has not been given the attention it deserves over the last couple of years. That is why people that could be suffering from depression will choose to stay silent instead of reaching out for help. You should not be sufferin...

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Depression is a disease like any other and you shouldn’t feel ashamed if you’re suffering from it. Getting help should be the first thing you need to do because the condition can quickly get out of hand. You can reach out to a friend or family member that you can talk to. You can also reach out t...

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Mental health has become a hot subject of debate in the 21st century. Suicide rates are at an all-time high and people are afraid to speak out because of what others might think of them. If you know of someone that could be suffering from depression, it is crucial that you’re reaching out to them...

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There is nothing shameful about being depressed. It is an illness just like any other and you can find treatment for it. You might have tried medication but nothing seems to be working. The alternative would be to go for counseling sessions. They can be more effective than drugs when you find the...

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Do you know of someone that could be suffering from depression? It is usually a sensitive topic that should be handled with care as you don’t want to send them over the edge. It is crucial that you’re approaching them with empathy and compassion. Once you’ve established that a friend or a loved o...

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If you ever feel like you could be suffering from depression, it is crucial that you’re reaching out to someone that you can trust. A lot of people are afraid of speaking out because of the stigma that is associated with the illness. You’ll only be making things worse when you’re not speaking up....

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If you think you might be suffering from depression, it is crucial that you’re seeking treatment. You might have tried conventional medication but not seeing an improvement with the condition. It might be time you thought about going for counseling sessions. Your primary care doctor is likely to ...

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2 months ago
Florida TMS Clinic is the best TMS therapy near Tampa. Dr. Bowarshi is the best psychiatrist in Wesley Chapel. The TMS therapist Joanna is very skilled professional and supportive. The office manager Alexis is super friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Treatment rooms are very relaxing and comfortable. TMS treatment for depression and anxiety is best thing you can do for your mental health.
- Alice A
a month ago
I’ve been diagnosed chronic PTSD with symptoms of depression and anxiety for around 15 years. I’ve also suffered with recurrent night terrors since my early teen years. Since starting TMS treatment, my depression has improved significantly, my anxiety is down and I haven’t had a single nightmare or night terror since around the second week of treatment!!! I’ve spent years feeling like a guinea pig medication wise cause NOTHING has worked for me. I’ve literally tried every medication out there. I tried seeing a therapist on multiple occasions and therapy only made my symptoms worse. TMS therapy has been the only treatment that has made any sort of difference in my life. I wish I knew about it sooner! Dr. Bowarshi is amazing. He’s patient, compassionate and sympathetic. He takes the time to explain everything to you and makes sure you are involved in every step of your treatment. He’s literally the best psychiatrist I’ve ever seen.
- Sarah M
3 months ago
I highly recommend Dr. Bowarshi, the Florida TMS Clinic is beyond amazing, he is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely kind-hearted. My TMS advance technology treatment helped me battle the beast of depression, helped me walkout with regaining the beauty in my soul & mind! It's an amazing experience. The entire office staff is professional, very friendly, they listen and make you feel comfortable. The office is state-of-the-art, very modern environment and most importantly it's extremely clean. Very grateful I found Florida TMS clinic
- M. O

Signs You’re Depressed

Just because you’re unhappy doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re depressed. A lot of people will use the term loosely to mean totally different things. It can be hard to determine if you’re depressed, especially when you’ve not seen a specialist. There are some signs that will be hard to ignore and could be the reason you need to see a doctor. Here are some signs that could be having depression.

Lost Interest

There could be an underlying problem if you suddenly lose interest in things that have given you joy for years. It could be a hobby or work. Depression is known to take away the pleasures of enjoyment. It also not uncommon to totally lose interest in sex. This could have a toll on your marriage life as well.

Lack of Proper Sleep

You might be suffering from depression if you’re constantly fatigued and have problems with sleeping. With depression comes a lack of energy and it is something that you’ll experience on a regular basis.


Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand. If you’re constantly tense and restless, you could be suffering from anxiety. You will have trouble with focus and you’ll constantly be worrying about things that you don’t have control over. If you experience such symptoms, it might be time that you start looking for help. Florida TMS Clinic comes highly recommended if you’re searching for Tampa TMS therapy.

Change in Appetite

There will be fluctuations in weight and appetite when you’re suffering from depression. There are people that will eat a lot while others will not eat at all. It all depends on the individual. If the change of appetite is not intentional, you should seriously start to consider the chances that you could be suffering from depression.


Depression is known to affect different sexes differently. Men are more likely to be easily irritable when suffering from depression. They will engage in risky behavior like substance abuse.

Hopeless Outlook on Life

Depression will affect the mood of an individual. Having a hopeless outlook on life is associated with the condition. You’ll always be focused on the negative aspects of every situation. You don’t like to be optimistic because everything around you is gloomy.

Uncontrollable Emotions

One minute you could be laughing your heart out, the next you’re crying uncontrollably. It will be hard to keep the emotions in check. If you notice a pattern, there is a high chance that there could be an issue that needs to be addressed.

Concentration Issues

If you’re having problems or making decisions, there is a chance that you could be depressed. Such behavior will certainly develop over time and you might even notice that you’re having an issue because it has become part of you.

Getting Help

Your doctor should be able to recommend the appropriate treatment. You can also get in touch with a counselor. There are online communities and forums that you can also get help in case you’d want to get help. The most important thing is that you’re reaching out to someone.

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